Rebecca Cairns is a Hong Kong-based writer, editor and digital content creator. Working in digital media since 2014, Rebecca’s work has appeared online and in-print internationally in Travel+Leisure, Business Insider, Time Out, Crave Magazine, Fodor’s Travel Guide, The Culture Trip, Home Journal and Asia Tatler.

Rebecca is currently the Editor & Chief Content Officer for Compare Retreats booking portal and digital magazine, where she focuses on wellness and travel content.

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Art, Home & Design

With a personal interest in art and design, Rebecca has had a life-long love affair with creative arts that has filtered into her writing, from the photographs she takes to the interviewees she talks to.  Travel + Leisure | 2019 | Reasons To Travel Now: A revitalised cotton mill in Hong Kong turns textiles into tech-styles Read more

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Feature Articles

Diving deeper into a subject is what writing is all about, and Rebecca relishes the opportunity to write those longer stories that need to be told. Whether on travel, wellness, art or culture, Rebecca has a range of experts in her contact list to assist with data-backed opinions and unique insights into niche topics.  Compare Read more

Food & Beverage

Turning a passion into a profession, Rebecca loves to share her love of food through writing, whether its new restaurant openings or roundups of the best places to find a trending delicacy.  Compare Retreats | 2019 | 5 Hong Kong Restaurants To Try The New Impossible Burger 2.0 Matador Network | 2019 | 8 essential Read more

Profiles & Interviews

One of Rebecca’s favourite things about writing is the people you meet along the way. There’s an expert for every topic and a unique story behind every person, and Rebecca loves to help share little known tales and big personalities alike.  Compare Retreats | 2019 | Irene Forte On The Mediterranean Diet & Her Luxe Read more

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Travel & Destination Guides

Having travelled to more than 30 countries, Rebecca is no stranger to exploring new places and makes it her mission to go deeper into what makes a place tick. Writing everything form reviews to listicles to personal travel narratives about the places she visits, Rebecca always has her camera on hand to take a few Read more

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As a NASM-certified personal trainer with completed courses and seminars in hypnotherapy, mental health, lifeguarding, first aid and nutrition, Rebecca brings a level of expertise to her writing on wellness, health and fitness. A mixture of deep research and expert interviews, Rebecca has written on wellness topics from nutrition and running to aromatherapy and singing Read more