I’ve had a few people asking me about how to “do Hong Kong properly,” or, “If I have X number of days is it enough time to do Hong Kong properly?”

In all honesty, I don’t know what “properly” means — it really depends on your version of what proper is. If proper is hitting up all the top 10 tourist spots in a destination, head on over to Trip Advisor.

If properly means getting a real impression of a place… well, I’m not from Hong Kong, but after three years living here, I can tell you that the people who live here don’t spend every day walking the Peak or riding roller coasters at Disneyland. I have a to-do list of experiences and sightseeing that I’m still working through—as you can tell, there’s plenty to keep you occupied in Hong Kong.

Anyway, I digress. Here’s a short guide of classic tourist attractions, and the things you could swap them with: it’s up to you to decide which version of “proper” Hong Kong is for you.

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