Like a lot of people, I’ve been in a mixture of quarantine and self-imposed isolation for the past month or so. During our two weeks of quarantine, we weren’t allowed to leave the house—I’ve never been so grateful for Netflix and Deliveroo.

While there’s certainly worse things than staying at home, to say I was restless is an understatement. I’m a runner, a hiker, someone who loves sweating it out and exploring the great outdoors. So it was time to get creative about working out. 

Luckily, the internet is full of inspiring personal trainers and wonderful #fitspiration that I’ve spent the last four weeks trying out. Perhaps a little too full: the choice of home workout videos is frankly overwhelming. After exploring many (many) home-workout options, I settled on three firm favourites that I keep coming back to: read on for my top tried-and-tested home workouts.

Blogilates Silent Death Fat Melting Cardio (Apartment Friendly)

This was one of the first home workout videos I tried, and one I kept coming back to time and time again. This is a seven-minute workout (seven moves, 45 seconds each with a 15-second rest between), and we repeated it three or four times for a quick sweat session. I liked that it was designed to be kind to your downstairs neighbours, too. Cassey Ho is wonderfully peppy, and if you want to vary your workouts, trying some more of her Apartment-Friendly series is worthwhile—plus she has loads of resources on her site

Circuit: 7 moves | Time: 7 minutes | Equipment: Mat

Adidas Full Body Box HIIT with Jaws

Jaws the personal trainer, not Jaws the shark, although it might as well be because this home workout has teeth. A mix of boxing moves with squats and lunges, this appealed to me as someone who loves boxing and a workout where you don’t stop moving. There’s the option to add your own weights (or, improvise with a couple of beer cans as I did) but you can also just do it as you are. Make the most of the ‘active breaks’ and don’t stop moving between rounds to keep your heart rate up. 

Circuit: 4 rounds | Time: 17 minutes | Equipment: None

Alo Yoga Energising Flow

This is the workout I do when I don’t feel like working out. This session is a pretty standard Vinyassa flow routine, but nice and short with clear instructions, and just enough difficulty to keep things interesting. Because you don’t stop moving, it’s a surprisingly good workout for the whole body, and it’s great for non-yogis. While it’s a good complete routine, you could easily do it two or three times for a longer workout—I’m just working one circuit into my morning routine though!

Circuit: One | Time: 15 minutes | Equipment: Mat

If you have a favourite workout video, send over your recommendations to me at—I’m always looking for new workouts to try!